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Hello my name is Andy Davis, I am trained in Networking and Telecommunications. I enjoy working on and with computers and like to draw, though I haven't been inspired to do so for a LONG time... It's sad really. I am crazy and random and take medication for certain reasons. Not that it's that important to know that factor. I like science and computers and am a manga and anime fan as well as slight comic book one.

I have a Gaia page, here is the…
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This would be an unfair question for me as I like both Stephen Hawking and Alan Turing.  I have known more about Stephen Hawking for a longer time that Alan Turing.  I know this really doesn't amount to much but I saw The Imitation Game and liked it.  I liked how they portrayed Alan, however it is a movie and they may be off on it.  I am reading the book Alan Turing: The Enigma which was written by Andrew Hodges and is a biography of the sort.  It was what the movie was based off of.

Of that book I am only in the first chapter, which is 60 pages long not counting the preface and forward which I read both.  I am enjoying the book.  The reason why I decided to read the book was because I wanted to see how accurate to the biography the movie people were.  I am only on where Alan first started going to public school and stuff...  

On the other hand when I saw the movie about Stephen Hawking The Theory of Everything I had some base knowledge on him due to reading a biography on him.  So I went in knowing more about the subject while seeing that movie.

I find both people interesting and find them a source or inspiration I guess you could call it.  Stephen Hawking for him overcoming and dealing with his disability.  Whenever I feel discouraged about my problems and struggles with my disabilities I just think of Stephen and realize  that I can be successful and carry on as well.  I know that is a kind of weird and messed up logic probably.

For Alan Turing, I find I can relate a bit to him judging by the movie and what I have read so far about his childhood such as his mannerisms and stuff.  One of his big interests when he was younger was Chemistry and science.  Also taking this from the book Alan Turing: The Enigma by Andrew Hodges, I can really relate to the passage below.  Mind you this was in his public school years but still.  I find this often the case I am in, I know things in my head and stuff but I don't know how to word them and what comes out of my mouth often isn't what I was trying to convey, like parts of the thoughts between my brain and my mouth get lost in translation.

"All his characteristics lent themselves to easy mockery, especially his shy, hesitant, high-pitched voice-not exactly stuttering, but hesitating, as if waiting for some laborious process to translate his thoughts into the form of human speech."  Page 32

People were complaining about the movie The Imitation Game  because they made Alan seem Asperger's like claiming that he was NOT Autistic.  Though that point is invalid.  Of course he wasn't Autistic or Asperger's because those terms or diagnosis didn't exist back than! 

Also other reason of being able to relate to Turing is dealing with the LGBT stuff.  When he was alive though Homosexuality was punishable by law. Now if you are homosexual you at least won't get thrown in jail...  But it was very socially unacceptable.  I struggle with issues of my own that aren't deemed as socially acceptable in the similar area of LGBT stuff.  Not going into details here.  If anyone has seen one of my previous journal entries that I took down I guess you might know what I'm talking about.  I guess I'll just say it, I am a guy with a vagina.  It pains me to say that please don't refer to me as anything other than my preferred male pronouns...  

What does that have to do with what I was talking about because Alan wasn't trans he was Gay....  Well here is the matter homosexuality is more accepted nowadays (in my opinion) in places.  You hear people say "Oh I'm gay or lesbian." it usually isn't viewed as "what the heck?!?"  Where as trans gets the "your a freak!"  "you're not a man unless you have a penis/you're not a woman unless you have a vagina!"  or "what are you than?"  I guess the point is even though Turing was NOT trans it still was big taboo in society.  I am hit with double dislike being homosexual and being trans.

Sorry for that long random rant of unrelated stuff.  I might delete this journal later I am not sure....  Anyhow who do you like better?  Wow that was a LONG comment rant thing...  

ART LABELING:  (If I remember to use them.)
HOTD: High School of the Dead
SPN: Supernatural
XM: X-Men
HL: Hannibal
SH: Sherlock Holmes
AC:  Assassin's Creed
RK: Rurouni Kenshin/Samurai X
YGO: Yu-Gi-Oh!
DW: Doctor WHo
TF: Transformers
ST: Star Trek
CL: Code Lyoko
SW: Star Wars
Eva: Evangelion
WH: Witch Hunter Robin
IY: InuYasha
FF:Final Fantasy
LOD: Legend of Dragoon
PP: Prince of Persia
RE: Resident Evil
LOZ: Legend of Zelda
HS: Hellsing
TB: Trinity Blood
SY: Saiyuki
SM: Spider-Man
AS: Appleseed
P3: Persona 3
P4: Persona 4
SR: Stormriders
BM: Batman
SJ: Strait Jacket
MGS: Metal Gear Solid
Kar: Karas
TP: Treasure Planet
SSBB: Super Smash Brothers Brawl
TS: Trinity Soul
HP: Harry Potter
LP: Lux-Pain
RS: Real Steel
(More to come when I think about it)

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