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Hello my name is Andy Davis, I am trained in Networking and Telecommunications. I enjoy working on and with computers and like to draw, though I haven't been inspired to do so for a LONG time... It's sad really. I am crazy and random and take medication for certain reasons. Not that it's that important to know that factor. I like science and computers and am a manga and anime fan as well as slight comic book one.

I have a Gaia page, here is the…
  • Mood: Neutral
  • Listening to: Animal I Have Become-Three Days Grace
  • Reading: Too many different books to name.
  • Watching: X-Men First Class
  • Playing: Marvel vs Capcom: 3 Fate of Two Worlds
  • Drinking: Water
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1)You must post these rules
2)Share 10 facts about yourself 
3)Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for people you tag  
4)Choose 10 people and put 10 icons in their journal 
6)Not something like, "You are tagged if you read that".  
7)You have to legitimately tag 10 people. 
8)No tag-backs.
9)You can't say that you don't do tags. 
10) You MUST make a journal entry! No comments. 
11)Bet you didn't notice there was no #5 (nope >.<'')

1.)  I am too loyal for my own good at times.
2.)  I am Asian
3.)  I like wolves a LOT and crows.
4.)  I am not good at these kind of things.
5.)  I play Yu-Gi-Oh! the card game
6.)  I watch anime and read manga
7.)  I play video games
8.)  I don't usually play many online computer games routinely. 
9.)  I stopped playing Resident Evil 4 a long time ago because I didn't want to deal with the Regenerators and IronMaidens.  I now want to pick the game back up and play it.  It was a stupid reason I stopped.
10.)  I get bored easily but am also easily amused...  Does that make any sense?

1. What is your favorite book?
- That's a hard one, I think either Angels and Demons of Digital Fortress

2. Favorite author?
- Dan Brown

3. Do you play any instruments?
- I was in chorus, does that count?

4. Have you ever eaten octopus? What do you think of it?
-  Yeah, a long time ago.  I liked it.  I've eaten squid more recently.

5. Coke or Pepsi?
- Coke, though I don't really like that either.

6. Favorite thing to pass the time?
- Computer or video games and sometimes reading.

7. Are you a Cellmate and/or Blue Stahlion?
- A what or a what?!

8. Do you draw or write?
- Both

9. Who is your best friend? 
- :devTigerdragn511:

10. What's your favorite style of music?
- Not sure, I don't like rap music, that I do know.

1. What is your favorite color?
2. Cake or Pie?  (insert Portal joke here...  No don't...)
3. Your favorite video game?  
4. What is your favorite animal?
5. Who is your favorite video game character or anime/manga character?
6. What's your motto?
7. Favorite quote?
8. Are you bored yet?
9. What is your current favorite movie?
10. What was the last movie you saw in theaters? 

1.) :icontigerdragon511:
2.) :iconcrazycrocuta:
3.) :iconkenoiscrazy:
4.) :iconzetra:
5.) :iconkojirou-inugami:
6.) :iconchelsey-p:
7.) :iconebonis:
8.) :icondarkdelusion:
9.) :iconmangogriffin:
10.) :iconshadowloverforever1:

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